Benefits of Wraparound Pinboards

Keep Your Office Organized With a Wraparound Pinboard

Employees receive countless numbers of emails every day and they quickly decide whether to read it now or save it for later, which often translates to never. So how do companies make sure workers are getting the memos they need? Wraparound pinboards are a simple, attractive solution.

A wraparound board is a finer version of the classic corkboard used in dormitory rooms or lockers. Despite its roots, it can be an attractive addition to an office. A pinboard is actually designed to work as both a wall covering and an information center.

As the name suggests, a wraparound board is a core encased in fabric. There are multiple colour choices available to match any office décor and project the nature of the business. For example, a bake shop may prefer a lively bright pink, whereas an insurance office would want something more neutral and sophisticated, like a light brown. Custom sizing means the pinboard will fit just about anywhere.

Because the board is wrapped, it will be a resilient, long-lasting surface. Even with frequent use, it won’t show holes where items were pinned to it, nor will it have messy pieces poking out or missing like a worn corkboard could.

Pinboards can be an effective way to communicate with staff about company policies such as drug testing or workplace injuries. It’s also a great place for more timely items like schedules, in-house job openings or temporary office changes. Use it post educational opportunities, such as classes or seminars employees should attend. Upcoming workshops or training sessions could be hung there as well.

A board is an eye-catching place to recognize staff achievements or company publicity by local media. Let employees know they should look at the board for important information and updates. The pinboard is also an efficient way to communicate with other departments within a business.

The information you choose to put on the board can be a reflection of your business, especially if it will be visible to the public. Decide beforehand what it will be used for, then be sure employees understand that policy. Will it be strictly for business items? Will it include non-essential information, such as the upcoming holiday dinner or softball tournament? If staff members know the board is not for personal items, you’ll avoid finding pictures of someone’s cat or comics not everyone would appreciate.

If you decide to allow non-business items, divide the board into sections. This could be done with different colored backgrounds or section headers. Sections might include titles such as policies, job openings, current events and local happenings. Regardless of how you plan to use it, a pinboard should be placed in a common-use area so all employees will regularly see it.

A wraparound board is a convenient information center because it can easily and neatly be organized. You can keep the board interesting to look at, and relevant to read, by rotating and updating postings on a regular basis.

Using a wraparound pinboard in your office provides a smart, sophisticated way to communicate with employees. When placed in a high-traffic area, an organized board will make it easy for staff to quickly see any policies, changes, or other messages they need.


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