Things to Consider When Buying Glass Boards

Is a Glass Board Right for You?

Glass boards are sleek alternatives to traditional whiteboards and can add a modern style to your office, but are they a good choice? There are things to keep in mind when trying to decide what type of board to purchase. Cost, durability, and practicality all affect usefulness and are just some of the features that should be considered.


One of the most useful aspects of glass as a writing surface is its ability to resist stains. Because it is non-porous, residue from markers does not ruin the surface of the board. This ability means that you can enjoy a clean, unmarred surface for years. The glass itself is also very durable. It is very easy to clean and only requires a cloth to wipe away marks so you don’t need to worry about bringing harsh cleaning chemicals into your office environment. Stubborn marks can usually be taken care with some soap and water. Not only will the surface remain spotless, but the board withstands wear and damage so well that it is long-lasting and can be passed down from generation to generation. Installation is easier than it might seem and only takes a few minutes. There are no large crews disrupting the work day and before you know it, you have a beautiful new board.


A glass board is the ultimate in customizable because it blends in with any space. It has use in an office, school, or hospital – anywhere a group of people collaborate or communicate. Glass is also a very modern and stylish material. Boards can typically be cut to any size no matter how big or small the space available. They can be attached to a wall or left free-standing in a frame. The frame is strong enough to hold the board, but still mobile to allow you to move it from room to room. Some companies offer additional options for customization, including colors, background, and even etching. There may also be options for adding lighting fixtures to enhance both the function and aesthetics.


While glass is a great material because of its durability and stain-resistance, there are a couple of characteristics that can be drawbacks. Glass is more expensive than a traditional whiteboard due to the higher quality of material. Depending on the size and other options needed, it could be quite a bit more expensive. If you need a board immediately, but do not have the funds for glass, a whiteboard may be the better option, at least in the short term. Keep in mind, however, that because glass lasts for so long, one glass board will outlast a slew of whiteboards and is therefore more cost effective in the long run. One other disadvantage is that the surface of glass is glossy and more reflective than a whiteboard. At certain angles, this reflectiveness can impede a person’s ability to see what is on the board, especially if they have poor eyesight. Fortunately, arranging your meeting space to minimize this problem can be easy and worthwhile for all the other advantages glass offers. Ultimately, glass can provide your office flexibility and longevity in a way that adds a modern and sophisticated flair.


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