Stationary Whiteboards – A Must for Any Office

If you walk into any modern office space, you will certainly find a number of computers, laptops and other gadgets, but you will also find plenty of whiteboard space. Whether it is the workplace of a young, up-and-coming entrepreneur or an established law firm, whiteboards can be integral for a company’s functionality. This seemingly small detail is quirky and professional at the same time. With a broad range of products from an electronic to a magnet board, there is a model that will work for and with you as your enterprise takes over your industry.

Of course, there are many programs that offer customizable calendars, messaging and shared to-do lists, but sometimes, you and your colleagues need a more tangible medium. Naturally, you do not want to waste paper for a document you plan on shredding after you’ve read and edited it. With new software, you probably have to provide training for your employees to get up to speed. Then, you have the endless barrage of updates and improvements. Not all programs are fully integrated, meaning you may have a separate system for emails, calendars and company updates. Furthermore, when the power goes out or the network crashes, all that important data may not be recoverable.

Mobile or stationary whiteboards give you a fun solution to these obstacles. You can customize them in a way anyone can understand. For example, just pick up a permanent marker, a ruler and your favorite colored tape. Instantly, you have everything you need to create your perfect template. Many cheap whiteboards are available and provide a more cost effective option than purchasing multiple programs and licenses for the entire company. Instead, designate a board for each of your specific needs.

Erasable To-Do List

Plenty of people enjoy that satisfying moment when you take your pen and scratch something of your list of daily tasks. Backspacing can be satisfying too, but for some nothing will replace that lovely sight and sound of a crossed off list item. However, agendas and folios can be cumbersome in a small desk space or cubicle. Perhaps, you are just against clutter and you like to see the mahogany of the CEO desk you worked so hard to sit behind.

Either way, stationary whiteboards are a great way to list tasks for yourself or the entire office. If you place the board in an easily visible spot, your employees can simply look up to see what goal they need to accomplish next. They don’t have to migrate between screens or windows on their laptops or computers. They also get a periodic and welcome break from bright monitors and dull keyboards.

Many types of boards exist for this purpose. If you want a bulletin board to pin pending paper work such as faxes, orders or receipts, there are a few options that offer half bulletin and half dry erase board. If you want to be able to write anywhere on the board’s surface, consider a magnetic board. You can still pin items and write messages wherever you want.

Message and Inspiration Station

Depending on your type of company, communication may primarily be through email, Twitter, Facebook or even forums. Issues may arise when people forget to check their various online accounts or don’t hear the alerts. Tactile message boards are a great way to combat the delay of information. It will be harder to ignore someone moving about the room or new neon colored sticky notes. You could also get everyone a personal sized magnetic board or bulletin/dry erase board combo.

A central magnet board will encourage employees to take a momentary visual break from their monitors, which can have positive ergonomic benefits. Additionally, it is a subtle way to get people moving as they add ‘buy whiteboard markers’ to the out-of-stock supply list. A problem with modern work environments is how much time individuals spend in stationary positions. If your workers have to get up to write or read a message, they can break up the monotony of their day and stretch their legs.

Another benefit of whiteboards Australia, New Zealand or any country is you can write goals or positive messages that may not be appropriate in company emails or forums. You can keep a count of your monthly sales objectives or write a daily inspirational quote. Even a funny cartoon once in a while can do a lot for your workers’ morale and work ethic.

Reusable Brainstorming Space

When using any technology, a barrier exists between individuals who are trying to communicate. For brainstorming purposes, your standard cheap whiteboards are a perfect way to get everyone involved and away from their computer screens. You can draw rough drafts of ads or merchandise before going through the tedious process of aligning pixels in your design software. Plus, there isn’t a learning curve for said software. If you want to draw a quick sketch then let your creative team build from there, you’re ready to do so.

If you are willing to buy whiteboard accessories, you can hook an electronic board up with a printer or save a workable file for your favorite program. This is a great option for presentations and easy note taking. Your employees can simply pay attention to the meeting and check their email later for the graphs and mock-ups drawn during the conference. This will encourage your workers to participate and engage in the company’s development. There will be less error and far fewer mistaken notes.

If you have multiple branches of your enterprise, the print screen option allows you to easily view your whiteboards Australia, Europe and North America. You can sync up and watch as the presentation occurs or receive the notes as an online attachment. This will keep you connected and help you overcome international barriers. Sometimes office programs are released at different times in different countries. If your company software isn’t available internationally until 6 months later, it is not a problem. Have your overseas team fill out a whiteboard template and send it your way. 

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