Use a Chalkboard to Organize Your Office or Home

Whether in the workplace or at home, utilizing wall space can be a simple way to get organized. Chalk boards are the traditional yet elegant office boards. They are traditional because they have been in use long before overhead projectors or computer technology, yet elegant because they so beautifully meet the needs of coordinating among and communicating effectively with multiple people.

Visual Communication in the Office

Your workplace is a perfect place to hang chalk boards.  Small chalkboards can be placed outside the cubicle of workers and they can write messages about their schedule and the best way to contact them. In this way, your entire team can see what happening with their coworkers throughout the day. This blackboard can also be a place where you can write inspirational or team building messages to increase the productivity of your team. Place a large chalkboard in your conference rooms so that work groups can brainstorm ideas and have the perfect scratch pad for planning. Unlike chemical-laden markers, chalk does not put off a strong odor in small or large conference rooms. Also, your team will not have to use large paper pads that are expensive and environmentally costly. Another chalk board idea for the office is to have one in your own office to act as an "idea board" for getting your abstract ideas organized before formally writing or pursuing your goals and priorities. No longer do you have to sit in front of a computer all day; instead, when your eyes are strained or your hands ache from typing, you can switch to your personal blackboard and continue writing or planning. When somebody calls or asks for an appointment, you will not need to turn on your computer or switch applications to open your calendar. Instead, you can look at your chalkboard and quickly plan out your day. Your personal office board will save you time, eye strain, and paper that would otherwise be thrown out.

Reminders on the Wall at Home

Here are some chalk board ideas to benefit your home life. Imagine putting large blackboards in your kitchen to keep track of your daily goals, shopping list, or upcoming appointments. This will become the focal point to organize your family life. A particular benefit of using chalkboards is that they can easily be erased making them as dynamic as your busy schedules. You can also leave important messages on your blackboard to leave a thoughtful note for your loved ones or bring great quotes and ideas to your walls that your family will see every time they enter the room. Young children enjoy having chalk boards mounted to the wall at their level so that they can decorate their rooms with their own artwork. It’s a damage-free way to let them write on the walls! Another perfect place for a chalkboard is in your home office. Unlike a computer calendar that can glitch and lose your important appointments and reminders, a traditional yet elegant office board can’t be deleted with a single click, and it’s available for the whole household to view at a glance.

Using a blackboard in a prominent place at home or in the office is a unifying and simple tool to enhance communication and order.


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