How to Make Your Whiteboard Work For You

Communication is an important feature of any well run office. When it comes to sharing ideas quickly and effectively, you need an efficient and effective method for successful presentations. Any office can benefit from the addition of a dry erase board, but every office is going to have different requirements. If you think the addition of this useful tool is right for you, keep in mind these tips for selecting the right whiteboard for your office.

Choosing Your Materials

The iconic white, glossy backdrop of your board is an aesthetically pleasing way to introduce information, but not all surfaces are the same. Vitreous boards are made by pouring a vitreous porcelain coat over steel. This process allows for a less porous surface, which makes for a board that is long lasting and durable. This makes them ideal for any office that needs to make use of their dry erase boards regularly.

 Acrylic options are not typically considered as durable, but they do offer advantages. Firstly, these options tend to be a little less expensive than their vitreous counterparts. These boards are typically made with an acrylic coat over steel, and are often magnetic.  A magnetic whiteboard can be useful by helping you keep track of documents or memos that can be important to your presentation. Because these boards don’t last as long, they are not as well suited to everyday use, but could be perfect for short term uses such as meetings and client presentations.

Both options are easy to clean, typically by dry wiping. You may need to purchase some cleaner to use periodically in order to keep your dry erase boards looking their best. While all whiteboards can typically be wiped clean, a special cleaner may be used periodically to prevent “ghosting”, the faint, cloudy colors left behind by markers from multiple uses.

Key Features

When you’re ready to buy whiteboard tools, you should also consider the accessories and other features that can be part of your purchase. You can customize pen trays, frames and frame coating in order to make your new dry erase board has everything you need.

 In addition to choosing the right surface and style, buying quality whiteboard markers will ensure that your writing will be crisp and clear. Investing in special cloths and a cleaning solution are both necessary parts for maintenance, and can increase the life of your board.

Size it up

Another important factor in choosing which kind of dry erase board you’d like is the room you’ll be using it in. You may have to decide whether a wall mounted dry erase board or a mobile version would be best for your office. Wall mounted boards can be larger, but may not be advantageous in every room.  Mobile options are ideal if you’re looking for something that can be moved from room to room for various presentations. There are many sizing options available, so measuring your space is helpful in determining the best fit.

The orientation of a whiteboard can affect the aesthetic of your presentation. You may want to choose a landscape style of orientation if you plan on writing out longer sentences. Choosing a board with a portrait orientation is an ideal choice if you tend to present bullet point or brief chunks of information to your audience.

These tips for selecting the right whiteboard for your office are only a guideline.  Keep in mind the space, use, and maintenance of your whiteboard and it will provide a functional and attractive addition that will make your meetings run smoothly.

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