5 Advantages of using Vitreous Whiteboards in the Office
Although vitreous whiteboards are not new, but the advantages of using one in the office during a meeting or presentation is a new introduction to modern businesses. Whiteboards have been a staple in classrooms and offices alike, but interactive whiteboards have been increasing productivity and workflow. With a smart whiteboard, what were once dull meetings are now interactive, easier to understand, and provides an interactive workspace. Here are five reasons to replace that old white board, and swap it out for a new interactive one.

1. No More Markers and No More Cleanup

Since vitreous whiteboards use touch technology, you no longer have to restock markers and dry erasers. Instead, all you need is your own two hands to get started. Not only will you never have to worry about ink stains on your clothes, trying to use a marker only to find out that it’s out of ink, and there is no clean up required out of use.

2. Data Sharing and Interconnectivity

Using the right hardware, a vitreous whiteboard will be able to connect to your computer or phone so that you can present or view slideshows without having to struggle with writing down notes quickly and neatly, and you can change back and forth between slides with the click of a button. With an interactive whiteboard, the data sharing allows for increased interconnectivity and improved efficiency.

3. Better Communication

In addition to being able to present slideshows more efficiently with the use of your computer or smartphone, you can also share files between coworkers if needed. Interactive vitreous whiteboards also allow multiple users to share the screen. After all is said and done, you can print or email the information that was discussed.

4. Change Documents in Real Time

Many interactive whiteboards are equipped with hyperlinked drawing sets, video and estimation software. Instead of erasing, adding and rewriting the notes scribbled onto a traditional whiteboards, you can open documents and make changes during a presentation. The ability to share the screen with multiple users, means that your coworkers can annotate documents from their seat. This creates a more engaging environment which helps with workflow and understanding of the presentation.

5.  Better Meetings Overall

Who really wants to spend a half an hour in an office meeting, staring at a one-way presentation filled with hastily scribbled notes and little ability to add your own? As mentioned above, vitreous whiteboards significantly improve productivity and engagement. Being able to connect your devices to the board will allow you to share your input without having to get up from your seat. Taking notes is also made easier since you’re not trying to decipher someone else’s handwriting. Lastly, time can potentially be cut in half since you’re not waiting for the notes to be written, but instead all you have to wait for is a premade document to load. So, if you want to improve workflow, productivity, and communication in the office while halving the time for meetings by half or more, then vitreous whiteboards are exactly what you need. Depending on what brand or model you get, these whiteboards can be much cheaper than buying a few tablets or other expensive pieces of technology.

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