Why Digitally Printed Whiteboards Are the Way to Go?

Whiteboards today have officially given the chalkboards of yesterday the boot. Used by teachers in schools or in churches, nurses and doctors in hospitals, parents and children at home; no matter what line of work you happen to be in, chances are you have a whiteboard or two that is being utilized somewhere in your workspace. One of the best features of whiteboards is that as they’ve evolved, developers have begun customizing them by printing on them both digitally and with vinyl. With digitally printed, custom-sized whiteboards, your ideas know no bounds. You can design yours to be double-sided, to use premium powder-coated steel frames, to have magnetic qualities for name tags or memos, to bring energy with brightly colored boards or to even be pinnable. With so many modifications available, these durable, 50mm thick, customizable whiteboards are extremely beneficial and can be used in a variety of ways.

In the Workplace

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your new company logo on everything, well here’s your chance. Grab that customizable whiteboard and digitally print your company logo on a large one for your conference room or several small individual ones for employees to keep at their desks. Printed whiteboards are excellent to use for things like a staff In/Out board, a surgery rotation or a shift schedule because it keeps things organized without worrying about something getting accidentally erased.

At Home

Keeping your home in order is no simple task. With family command centers all the rage, and for good reason, you’re one step closer to achieving organizational bliss by adding a digitally printed whiteboard to your gallery wall. Customize it for a family planner and memo board, a monthly calendar to keep track of who needs to be where and when or as a weekly menu display, the sky is the limit! Make your printed memo board work for you and take that extra bit of weight off of your shoulders with well-planned family time.

At School

As one of the main users of whiteboards, teachers, professors and coaches should probably invest in some dry-erase marker stock. In order to encourage orderliness and dial back the chaos, consider getting a whiteboard digitally printed with your elementary class’ daily schedule, your basketball team’s play board, the cafeteria’s weekly lunch specials or the school’s yearly calendar to display and write on in the break room. With so many options available to customize them, any design you want can be placed on your desired whiteboard space. Getting a whiteboard digitally printed to your specifications is easier than you might think. All it takes, usually, is a simple email exchange with your desired design and a quote can be given faster than you can say “no more messy whiteboards.” With so many features offered for whiteboards nowadays, such as available acoustics, free-standing screens and lockable castors, you definitely won’t have a problem with finding what you need. Whether you need help in your home, your office, your classroom or your dugout, customizable whiteboards give you the tools you need to keep your space organized and tidy. Reclaim your space with digitally printed whiteboards and customize yours today!

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