7 Ways to Use a Glass Whiteboard in Your Office

Walking into an office or classroom, you wouldn’t be surprised to see a whiteboard hanging on the wall or standing in a corner. As one of the most popular office supplies, whiteboards have been used throughout the years for many different purposes. Just like any technology, these classic writing surfaces have evolved into an even more versatile and modern product. Enter: glass whiteboards.

Glass whiteboards are more modern, clean looking and are guaranteed to freshen up your office space by simply replacing that old, outdated and dingy whiteboard that’s most likely stained with a name or two. Not only are they appealing to the eye, they are extremely beneficial to have for several reasons.

Here are seven of the most useful ways to utilize one in your office space:

  1. Memos: Working in an office of any kind often requires the passing out of reminders to all of the employees. These include staff meeting memos, notices to clean the coffee pot when you’re the last one to get a cup and, if your glass whiteboard has magnetic areas, you can even hang up the company newsletter.

  2. Meeting Agendas: Keeping a running agenda of your next gathering written out on glass whiteboards is more beneficial than you’d think. Whenever a written agenda is announced, it helps those present to feel more engaged and will help you to stick to a better schedule, which leads to…

  3. Schedules: Nobody wants to feel like they have their head stuck in the sand when they go to work. If your employees don’t know what’s up-and-coming, either work-wise or for recreational purposes, it’s easy to lose interest or feel like you’re not part of the team.

  4. Goals: No matter what line of work you’re in, it’s hard to be successful if you’re not working towards something.  Documenting your goals either for just your team or for your entire company reminds your coworkers what they need to accomplish and motivates them to do it.

  5. Messages: The way the working world is headed, most people spend more time awake at the workplace nowadays than in their own home. With that in mind, helping your coworkers to feel like a little work family is crucial to office morale. A great way to help that is putting glass whiteboards both in the break room and throughout the office and encouraging them to write messages of congratulations, inspiration or even your favorite office jokes.

  6. Brainstorming Sessions: Holding an office-wide brainstorming meeting is not very productive if you don’t have the space to visually jot down everyone’s ideas. With a customizable and stylish glass whiteboard, you can keep track of ideas and, after the meeting, leave it cleaned as a contemporary piece of conference room art.

  7. Pending Projects or “To-Do Lists”: Oftentimes, companies have certain work pieces that are divvied out among teams or individuals. Keeping track of what’s completed and what’s not doesn’t have to be hard. Display them for all to see and, who knows, you might even get a little friendly competition going.

With these functional and fun new writing surfaces, the sky is truly the limit. Upgrade your office space with trendy, colorful and environmentally-friendly glass whiteboards today and get your office party started!

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