Why a Wall to Wall Whiteboards are the Ideal Choice for War Rooms?

The war room is an important part of any office, since it is where plans are made by project management that have a great impact on efficiency. Part of managing an office space includes making changes that improve workflow and productivity during a meeting or day to day activities. While a vitreous whiteboard is great for meetings, it may not be the best option for keeping notes for the week since they tend to be a bit small and should be turned off after use. For keeping a large amount of notes, announcements, and to do lists, low tech project management whiteboards should be used. Additionally, a whiteboard filled with extensive notes is bound to generate more interest. Others will want to see what is going on and they will be able to write down whatever they may have missed.


Unlike an electronic board, large whiteboards offer more flexibility and visible space that can be easily seen by all in attendance. You can put whatever you like on a regular pen and ink whiteboard, white a vitreous whiteboard is limited to a few post it notes and electricity. You will also have enough space to store notes for the week, or maybe the month, depending on what kind of notes you are writing down. It is also quicker to change notes and move them around without having to worry about technical difficulties or running out of space on the way. With more flexibility, there will be better meetings.

Easier to Comprehend

Approximately 65 percent of people are primarily visual learners, which means that they have to see information in order to fully understand it. Having a traditional whiteboard caters to kinesthetic and visual learners by providing charts, colors, and sticky notes that can be moved around when appropriate. Even for those that prefer organized lists can gain a better understanding since they can make lists of the information provided. Since all important information can be written down on  project management whiteboards, employees rarely have to rely on their memory alone and they are always able to write something down for personal use. A well-organized whiteboard helps the project management team avoid more hiccups during the work week.

Improved Focus and Productivity

Large whiteboards in the war room essentially serve as the focal point and primary communication to your team during meetings. When you and your team are able to access a large list of relevant information regarding what needs to be done, everyone has a better understanding on what they need to do. This helps the workflow and efficiency of your company. Whether you are writing notes, adding to them, or replacing them when they are no longer necessary, everyone will notice a difference and be able to pay attention.

So if you have a small whiteboard, or maybe none at all, upgrading to large whiteboards that stretch from wall to wall is extremely beneficial to the workplace. One simple upgrade will boost participation and interest, which improves productivity. Not only will meetings be more informative and fulfilling, everyone will have a single place to view a comprehensive and flexible collection of charts, lists, graphs, and sticky notes.

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